What do your clients say are the reasons they seek advice from you?

It is an interesting question? However, is it easy for you to answer that question?

It is critical for you to know the answer as it should be at the Core of Your Value Proposition.

Why not have a look again at your website or any other collateral you use in your business. How is your business positioned?

Your value proposition should be showing prospects and clients why they should deal with you. It should be presented in a way that clients find easy to understand, empathises with their burning need, and is hard to say “no” to.

Client Value Proposition – At the Core of Your Business

Once you have been able formulate some type of CVP, the practice then needs to actively implement it within the business and provide services and experiences to support that proposition.

How do we tell if we are delivering on our value proposition (or promise)?

I see signs every week of businesses that get this right.

Key Signs

  • Client responses to surveys are excellent, based on their service experience with their adviser
  • Client’s actively referring friends & other family members  
  • Leading Business Growth which promotes increasing Business Value

I believe there are many businesses in our Industry that require help in remodelling their client proposition and creating a support structure to deliver on it.

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