This is a story of the value in having a licensee who supports business owners in times when the going gets tough.

Our business coach had a meeting with the owner of one of our financial planning firms who asked for some help. He was feeling quite flat about how his business had been performing during the past couple of COVID years.

There were a number of issues that have contributed to the current situation.

  • Expenses increased with minimal growth in revenue
  • Back office processes stretched
  • Client Service Officer at maximum capacity
  • Financial planner – too much time spent on lower fee paying clients
  • Lack of time spent with key referrers

At a personal level he was struggling with his own time management.


All of these issues can be addressed. The point is to stop, engage with someone to work through everything and commit to a plan of attack.

Agreed Action

COVID restrictions have largely been lifted in the State for this financial planner. The steps agreed for implementation were:

  • Review cost to serve & current fee model
  • Increase administration capacity by outsourcing
  • Use outsourcing experience to improve processes
  • Complete analysis of the client base – a decision will have to be made regarding lower level clients
  • Financial planner – map out the ideal week with high value tasks
  • Improve connection with referrers with regular catch ups
  • Client value proposition – to be repositioned

The owner now has a plan for the next quarter and beyond. It is clear that to keep this plan on track regular follow up meetings will be scheduled with our business coach.  

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