When considering a move of AFSL it’s important to understand the history of the Licensee and how they have operated during the many and varied market and regulatory changes that our industry has faced in the last couple of decades. It could be argued though that what they stand for and how they see the future is just as important.

At Futuro and Insight we will always maintain the passionate belief that people lead better lives because of the advice they receive from a Financial Planning professional.

Our industry will continue to evolve where roles of human and machine will be clearer. Our Bionic World will be seen as:

the human

The decisive component. Personable, Respectful, Professional. The human will understand Lives, Goals and Values and will be able to communicate in a manner easily understood by the client. The Machine will support the Human.



Data is your biggest asset. Protect it with everything you have and ensure it remains portable.

More fintechs will provide more options for parts of the advice process however they will continue to have limited integration.

Everything will want access to your CRM but it will be a one way street. 


We will continue to invest to find the optimal combination of human and machine. To the planners, staff and clients who trust us with their Licensing requirements we will continue to ensure that they are in Safe Hands.

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“People don’t want financial planning, they want what financial planning gives them”