Adviser and client’s interests should trump a Licensee’s interest every time!

In the past few months we have spoken with a number of advisers operating their business with Institutional Licensees. It has been interesting to hear of their frustration with various decisions taken regarding important areas of significance to advisers.  

It seems quite clear from adviser feedback that there are too many decisions made on behalf of the licensee’s interests and not the advisers.

The most common complaints concerned Advice Agreements. Advisers felt their Licensee made decisions regarding Compliance guidelines running ahead of what is required by ASIC. This is the cause of much angst with advisers being expected to follow draconian guidelines that create more work than legally required. The announcement of Annual Advice Agreements and a strict timetable for implementation paid no respect to the issues this would create in an advice practice. This was on top of experiencing the “look back” exercise which in itself created an enormous workload for advisers and their staff.

 At Futuro we believe we should be providing a safe, trustworthy environment for advisers and help them navigate legislative change when necessary.

At Futuro we take a commercial approach to Compliance. We certainly do not engage in guessing what detailed changes may or may not occur in the regulatory framework. We are accessible and transparent with our approach to compliance that will deliver a proven, safe environment for you and your Practice.

We understand that advisers need less disruption, not more in running an efficient and profitable   Practice. Helping financial practices reach their full potential is our overarching goal. Our Directors have many years experience in financial planning including managing and growing Advice Practices.

To have a conversation about how a licensee may provide the right environment for you and your business please call 07 30180400 or email