The pandemic has thrown up many challenges for our communities. Particularly those in lockdowns for extended periods of time.

However there has been some positives also. The way we have reached out to each other and connected in these tough times has shown up many examples of human kindness & genuine concern we have shown for each other. It’s rare that a phone call or email doesn’t include some kind of message like “I hope you and your family are well.”

Financial advice has always been a relationship business. During lockdown we have adapted to using video conferencing with clients for meetings. Sometimes we have also met young children or grandchildren also in the middle of our virtual meeting. Hasn’t that been great! Connecting with clients at another level!

Who has now met the family pet over Zoom? Or has your family cat appeared in your virtual meetings? If so, you are well on the way to building deeper lasting client relationships.

For many advisers they have contacted their clients more frequently than just around formal reviews. These incidental calls reaching out to see how people are have been critical. Particularly with those clients living alone or without family. Some advisers have backed this up sending small gifts of treats to brighten up the day for some. This has been incredibly well received and strengthened relationships further again.

Coincidentally the advisers that show higher levels of empathy in times like this seem to also be asked to speak to other family and friends more frequently about their financial affairs.

How would your clients rate the experience received from your business over these pandemic times? Maybe the answer lies with how many family pets you have met?

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