I was very pleased to attend a Virtual Forum for Futuro advisers engaged in our Advantage Program. The Futuro Advantage Program provides structured practice management support with our Independent Business Consultant Bob Blurton.

The Forum provided the opportunity for advisers to present to their peers an overview of their business plan. The aim was to concentrate on what is working well, and what changes will be implemented in the coming year.

Key themes from advisers:

It was great to see reporting of increasing profit margins of 30%+. I was not surprised to see this after a much tighter approach to business plans and accountability with our Business Consultant.

A big focus on planned marketing initiatives. Greater investment in marketing apparent with many having engaged some marketing resources to assist in execution of their strategies.

Client Value Proposition
What stood out to me was a clear understanding of who their ideal client is and that there has been a lot of work on their value proposition to that market. 

Business and Personal Goals  
Each adviser outlined their personal vision for ten years from now. It was interesting to see the alignment between business and personal goals. There is tremendous benefit for business owners in setting long term goals which makes it possible to work backwards with a road map to get there. Advisers commented on how they enjoyed completing this exercise.    

Through our Advantage Program I see the difference when business owners have someone to work with and hold them accountable to their plans.

Adviser feedback from this event has been excellent. At Futuro we always see benefit when advisers work together and share their business journey.

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