In a recent article I spoke about the Futuro Succession Planning support program.

Across many business succession conversations I have held with financial planners was one common objective. The desire to increase the value of their business before they retire. Quite understandable, however where do you start?

I believe the starting point is you must understand the value drivers in your business.

Practice Value Drivers

  1. Formal strategic plan with clear accountabilities
  2. Leverage staff structure
  3. Compliance mindset & behaviours
  4. Strong understanding of cost to serve & appropriate pricing
  5. Strong processes and willingness for continual process improvement
  6. Willingness to change & adapt
  7. Referral process with clients
  8. Centres of influence relationships & referring
  9. Owners maximising the use of their time with high value clients & developing market opportunities
  10. Open to maximising technology

Let’s explore Leveraging Your Staff Structure.

We all know that the significant Industry changes we have experienced in recent years have added a large increase to the cost of creating and delivering advice to our clients. Greater changes to compliance standards and requirements have produced modifications to advice business models.

Leveraging your staff structure within the Advice Development Process can produce meaningful benefits to financial planners in how many clients they can serve with quality advice outcomes.

The major drivers to the ADVICE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

Advice Practices have adapted

Over the last 10 years we have seen a shift in the advice development process within financial planning practices.

Key Questions

  • Are you struggling to manage your client reviews and also add new clients?
  • When did you last review your advice development model?
  • Do you have the staffing/support mix right in technical/compliance tasks vs administration/plan writing?

It is my belief that with the appropriate mix of staff support you will be surprised what impact this will have on your client management per adviser, and hence profitability and business value. 

Support is Available

If you are serious about working hard on the value drivers in your business, then we are interested in partnering with you.

Management at Futuro have a track record of helping business owners reach a successful outcome in their exit or retirement from financial planning.

We will ask that you work with our business coach to set the strategic plan and how you will drive the value in your business. This support will be ongoing. You shall benefit from support every step of the way in the process of developing your business for succession.

To have a conversation about the value drivers in your business and how to set up a plan to optimise your capital value, please call us on 07 3018 0400 or email