Who do your clients call first about anything financial? Will it be you?

Have you created the expectation in your clients’ view of your services that enables and encourages them to make the call?

How is it that some financial planners develop this type of relationship with their clients? It is not by accident. It has been due to the whole value proposition the financial planner has demonstrated to their clients, and that the whole Practice of financial planners and staff that are delivering on that promise. Delivering on your client value proposition is central to the client’s belief in your services and making the call to you.

Key learnings from financial planners who are the first call.

  • Onboarding new clients – present the value proposition in a way that helps clients visualise the relationship
  • Set expectations around service standards
  • The Practice processes are engineered around the proposition and the service standards
  • At every client meeting they reiterate the value proposition
  • Survey clients regularly to obtain feedback about the client experience
  • Reassess their value proposition with their team at least annually to ensure continued relevance
  • They modify their service offering (client experience) as necessary

Important Tips

Three important tips if you wish to develop your value proposition or reassess your existing one:   

  1. Create a brochure or client presentation to communicate your value proposition
  2. Make your value proposition the foundation of your website, and if applicable, your social media including LinkedIn profile
  3. Be sure to communicate a consistent message

I believe there are many businesses in our Industry that require help in remodelling their client proposition and creating a support structure to deliver on it to be the first call.

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