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Your Mindset is the Majority of Your Success

Your Mindset is the Majority of Your Success

Your Mindset is the Majority of Your Success

This advice was one of the key take-aways for the Futuro True Adviser of the Year for 2017 – Steve Zagami, who attended the FPA USA Annual Conference (held recently in Chicago, Illinois).

Futuro sponsored Steve to attend the conference as winner of 2017 edition of the award, which recognises the adviser who, in the eyes and heart and mind of their clients has gone above and beyond simply the ‘advice’ element of the relationship that they share.

I caught up with Steve recently to talk about his experiences at this amazing conference. Steve thoroughly enjoyed the conference that was attended by over 2,000 delegates. He found it was a very popular event with IFA Business Owners – Independent Financial Advisers – being the single largest cohort in attendance.

Key observations from the conference:

  • They are going through similar issues like business succession. It looked like they were having most success developing internal successors. Interestingly there were also quite a lot of advisers that continued to work well past normal retirement age.
  • Fintech – significant use of technology in client engagement, and being used to serve much higher numbers of clients.
  • Recruiting new advisers to the Industry was a major focus.
  • Make sure we know our clients & their lives – through segmentation
  • About fee for service – be true to yourself, no discounting
  • Reinforced – concentrate on the controllable/ strategic planning/client relationships

Back to where we started – “Your Mindset is the Majority of Your Success”. This advice came from Stefanie Bogan, one of the Coaches Corner speakers. Stefanie is a CEO Coach and Business Consultant at Limitless Adviser Coaching Program.

Her message impressed Steve.

“When you master your mindset, you learn to live in a state of flow; you know what you want with clarity and confidence,” Bogan said. “Living as a master of your own mindset will allow you five freedoms, Bogan said: the freedom to work with purpose on your terms; the freedom to do the work that you love; the freedom to work with people you truly enjoy; the freedom to experience financial success; and the freedom to live a life of happiness, fulfillment and contribution.”

In the current times of our Industry this is a great message.

The final word from Steve…… he came away feeling the Industry in the USA strongly displayed the following beliefs.

“Having a strong personal mindset – positive/more secure in own self ability/confidence in own ability/focused/not afraid to call in help to both their business & personal lives”.

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