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The Importance of Trust

The Importance of Trust

The word trust has been mentioned in relation to our Industry many times over the past year.

Indeed it was a specific focus of the Royal Commission commentary.

The business of financial planners & their Licensees is one that I am very passionate about. My view is that every interaction we have with our adviser clients is an opportunity to build relationships & nurture trust. You can’t expect your business to find strong collaborations that work well for everyone when you don’t trust people.

In the seventeen years that Futuro has been in operation my view and that of my co Directors has not changed. We seek to build our Futuro community based on trustworthiness, transparency and accountability. It is in that context that we make available a checklist for financial planners to use in assessment of a future licensee. We strongly recommend you obtain a copy to assist in your search.

At Futuro we want to build long term relationships which will deliver significant value to both of us. So, we go to some trouble to understand how we can provide value in this relationship.
If we cannot we shall refer you to another licensee who we feel will be a better fit for your business.

A fully non-aligned AFSL

We announced recently that our relationship with AMP has now formally come to an end. Now a non-aligned AFSL, this was the final part of the commitment to our network to be 100% privately owned.

Closing this chapter in Futuro’s history has taken a number of years, with the desired outcome always to return to being a privately-owned progressive business and supporting our planners as a fully non-aligned AFSL.

If you feel you could benefit from a licensee that understands the current challenges advisers face and is doing something about it, why not book a chat with one of our Directors?
Our Directors, Paul Kelly, Dennis Bashford and Manoj Pillai have a total of more than 80 years of Industry experience.

To speak to one of us please call our office on 07 3018 0400 or email info@futuro.com.au