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The Importance of an APL

The Importance of an APL

The Importance of an APL

What is the one of the first questions most commonly asked by advisers looking for a new licensee relationship?

How do you determine what products and platforms are available on your Approved Product List? What restrictions do you have in place?

I continue to be amazed by the reaction from advisers when I explain there are no restrictions, provided Lonsec Financial Product Research has provided a grading of investment grade or higher. We are agnostic regarding platform choice, provided quality service delivery is in place.

Our philosophy is that any product recommendation should be determined by what will result in the clients’ best interest being met.

In addition to employing Lonsec Financial Product Research our process is also managed and overseen by Independent Research Consultant Chris Lioutas. Chris’s reputation in the investment research space is second to none. Chris provides additional value to our advisers with a drill down into the APL to provide a “Best of Breed” rating whereby his process filters investments across the various asset classes to identify top quartile investment funds.

At Futuro we believe the other key considerations that should be in the licensee evaluation process are as follows –

Key Issues

  • Market Reputation of the Licensee and Senior Management
  • Regulatory Engagement
  • Strong compliance history & process
  • Business Agreements and termination clauses
  • Support to manage and mitigate risks
  • APL – are there any restrictions
  • Value for money


Licensee Due Diligence Checklist

We have developed a detailed checklist for financial planners to use in assessment of a future licensee. We strongly recommend you obtain a copy to assist in your search.

At Futuro we want to build long term relationships. We need to understand how are we going to provide value in this relationship?

If we cannot we shall refer you to another licensee who we feel will be a better fit for your business.
Our Directors, Paul Kelly, Dennis Bashford and Manoj Pillai have a total of more than 80 years of Industry experience.

To speak to one of us please call our office on 07 3018 0400.