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How the right support can help you thrive in challenging times

How the right support can help you thrive in challenging times

COVID-19 has changed the way all of us have had to work. Has your AFSL helped you with the transition?

One of our strengths at Futuro is that we provide ongoing education and business support to help our advisers to overcome challenges. This has proved particularly useful in helping companies adapt to the dramatic changes brought on by the virus.


Working from home can affect productivity and accountability amongst your team members. It can boost productivity due to the fact that there are: –

  • Fewer interruptions.
  • More focused one-to-one conversations and fewer group chats.
  • More clear space to process information and tackle tasks.
  • Reduced travel time due to meetings being held online.

However, some employees have become less productive while working from home because: –

  • They don’t have colleagues to lean on.
  • Online meetings make it difficult to build rapport – a critical ingredient in getting new clients on board.
  • Too many distractions

Accountability is key to ensuring your team remains productive during these changed working conditions.


Create some clear metrics around the things that matter to your business. These can include: –

  • Profit
  • Revenue
  • New client meetings
  • Existing client follow ups

Make sure that every team member is held responsible for achieving or contributing to these goals and monitored through monthly or quarterly assessments.

With the rise in business costs, compliance complexity, and the potential reduction in fees due to the underperforming market, it’s more important than ever to have a system that measures accountability rather than relying on intuition.


We help our advisers to create and run these systems so that their business is as productive as it can be. We help them to create and launch accountability systems that are fair, yield useful information and will be embraced by team members. We also help them to implement the technology they need to run those systems and provide guidance on how underperforming staff can improve.

Is your AFSL providing the support you need to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19?

Contact us to find out more about the support we provide to help our advisers to overcome the full range of challenges they face, be it a pandemic or a more specific issue facing their business. Phone: (07) 3018 0400 or Email: info@futuro.com.au