Now the New Year has begun it’s time to refocus on some of the important goals we want to achieve. For those of us with children, no matter how old they are, it’s important to educate them on how to set themselves up for financial freedom over the long term.

The possibility of owning a home, has perhaps, become a faint dream for many younger Australians, but the need to save and build wealth and create financial freedom remains the most fundamental aspect of any financial plan.

When you have time on your side,
it’s not how much you earn,
it’s what you save that matters.

Accordingly, here are five financial rules young people, and the not so young, would be wise to learn early…
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Many millennials have embraced the ethos of YOLO, the acronym for “you only live once.”

Author: Jason Vitug

In many ways, the YOLO mindset is a healthy one. It sparks a sense of adventure and inspires creativity. There’s a downside, too, warns Jason Vitug in his book You Only Live Once. This way of thinking often spurs millennials to spend money on stuff they don’t need – and to take on debt that ultimately undermines their YOLO dreams.  Vitug points out one obvious paradox of modern financial life: Millennials often are so loaded down with student debt that they can’t save. Yet despite all that money they spent on tuition, no one ever schooled them in the fundamentals of finance.

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Fitness guru Fred Liberatore, 51, knows first-hand the importance of making astute choices in your 50s.

Fred is the twin brother of Brownlow medallist Tony Liberatore and uncle of AFL premiership player Tom Liberatore.

Fred is in the best physical shape of his life, winning body building competitions and running the thriving Real Fit gym business. He has observed the impact of his clients’ choices in their 50s on their strength, mobility, independence and life satisfaction in retirement, and knows that this is a critical decade. He believes that living a healthy lifestyle is better than any pill for not only living longer, but living happier.

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*Recent figures by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia reveal that the costs of a modest retirement have risen by around a third in the past decade.

In the 10 years and nine months between June 2006 and March 2017, the ASFA standard for a modest retirement increased 33 per cent for a single person and 36 per cent for a couple.

The cost of a comfortable retirement rose by 23 per cent for a single person and 26 per cent for a couple.

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It sounds good, my business has reached a point where I don’t need much from my AFSL so why am I still paying all these fees?  Others I know, are joining these low cost AFSL’s who give them the ability to operate their business without interference.

This may be the case, but before making that step, make sure that you not only look at the AFSL and their capability (in meeting the requirements of their license), but also look at the advisers in the network.

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