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Are You Looking for a Financial Planning Licensee?

Are You Looking for a Financial Planning Licensee?

Are You Looking for a Financial Planning Licensee?

What really matters ?

Building your business through a Community of Trust, Commitment and Companionship.

We do not pretend to be all things to all people but for those who want the environment we have created, then we would be one of the best in the market, but if what we offer does not matter that much, then we are the same as everyone else. In short, we firmly believe that unless all parties can be of significant value to each other then there is little point pursuing a relationship.

Futuro is a community of advisors built on group commitment trust and companionship. We are unique in many ways but this core belief and ability to bring our advisors together, often to work with each other and thrive is what sets us apart.

Considering a change of licensee?

Considering a change of licensee can be a daunting process for most financial planners. There are many factors that come into play, and recent Industry events have probably added a few more questions to the process.

At Futuro we believe there are five key issues to be examined that should be at the forefront of any decision making around any licensee evaluation process. We believe these issues must be considered before any discussion around pricing.

Key Issues

  1. Market Reputation of the Licensee and Senior Management
  2. Regulatory Engagement
  3. Business Agreements and termination clauses
  4. Support to manage and mitigate risks
  5. APL – are there any restrictions

Licensee Due Diligence Checklist

We have developed a checklist for financial planners to use in assessment of a future licensee. We strongly recommend you obtain a copy to assist in your search.

Please call our office on 07 3018 0400 or email info@futuro.com.au for a copy.
We are happy to have a chat about our value proposition. Just ask.